Nusa Kapital (NuKap) is the world’s first regulated Shariah-compliant P2P Crowdfunding Platform  based in Malaysia. NuKap is fully owned and managed by Ethis Kapital Sdn Bhd which is a Recognized Market Operator licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

We aim to complement the growing global awareness of Islamic Finance with technology to ensure seamless transactions between funding businesses and making returns on investment. With NuKap, SMEs will have fewer restrictions to gain access to funding while investors will have an alternative way to make higher returns on their investments.

We have established a dynamic team of individuals who possess a wealth of experience on technological innovation, business management and Islamic financial market.

Dr Shahridan Faiez

(Director / Executive Chairman)

a Cambridge Alumni, was a senior sustainable development specialist with the World Bank for 12 years, and is now focusing on green economy in his private capacity. He recently formed a joint-venture with a Fortune 500 company to promote sustainable global food production in the region, and was on the board of the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Dr Shahridan is also the key founder of LOKA, a successful social enterprise which houses and develop 42 lifestyle brands of mostly startup SMEs.

Rizal Faris


brings a wealth of experience in the business scene where he has successfully grown and diversified the business of KFM Holdings Sdn Bhd, a facilities management specialist providing a whole array of intra-industry services, including asset management, construction, trading and information technology, both domestically and globally. Rizal was also the director of IRIS Corporation Berhad. Active in the NGO scene as well, Rizal has been in office as the President of the Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce for the last 9 years. Currently serving as the President of the Malaysian Malay Chamber of Commerce, Rizal has also managed to create the platform to group 52 National Economic NGO’s, with total 600,000 members, which actively engages the Federal Government in the formulation of economic related policies and implementation.

Erly Witoyo


is an entrepreneur with a passion for Islamic Finance and technology. He is the founder of Kapital Boost, the first Islamic SME peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform in Asia. Erly has over 15 years’ experience in the financial industry working for top-tier credit rating agency and investment banks. Before Kapital Boost, he was a Director at Barclays Singapore where he led the top-ranked Asian corporate credit research team.

Umar Munshi

(Director / Chief Executive Officer)

is the Founder-CEO of Singapore-based, a pioneer Real Estate Islamic Crowdfunding platform that funds government-backed Social Housing development projects in Indonesia, alongside High-Networth investors and Islamic Banks. The Ethis community has crowd-invested in projects to build 5,000 houses for the needy in Indonesia since 2015. Umar is also Chairman of the His trailblazing initiatives led to his feature in Islamica500 Islamic Economy influencers, and he is well-recognised as a Social Entrepreneur and thought-leader in Islamic Crowdfunding and Fintech.

Chik Chan Chee

(Chief Financial Officer)

served as the Chief Financial Officer of several public listed companies including Only World Group Berhad (2015), Masterskill Education Group Berhad ( 2012 to 2014), H-Display (MSC) Behad (2007-2011). He served as Financial Controller and Chief Operating Officer of Antah Holdings Berhad from 2000 to 2005; Sriwani Holdings Berhad (1994-1999) and Finance Manager for various other companies, such as Perwaja Terengganu Sdn Bhd, Ansel (Kedah) Sdn Bhd, Limkokwing Integrated Sdn Bhd. His professional memberships include Malaysian Institute of Acountants and Associate Member, Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants UK. Chik holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from University of Malaya.

Izmi Marican

(Chief Operating Officer)

carries with him 24 years of entrepreneurial experience in conceptualizing, operationalizing and nurturing a host of companies in multiple industries. A holder of BBA in Finance and BSc in Economics, his hands-on approach and intimacy with start-up to matured companies provides the ability for invaluable and insightful perspectives towards understanding the risk and capabilities of SMEs, and any business in general.